2000 Volvo C70 HPT for sale


Interior:Dark Grey
Engine:236 hp High Pressure Turbo
Transmission:5 Speed Manual
Contact Info:203 209 3008
Other features:Upgraded tires
Prologic sound system
3 Disk in-dash CD changer
Leather interior
Heated power front seats with memory
Front and Side Impact Airbags
Power seats with memory (both seats)
Power windows
Power locks
Power sunroof
Cruise control
Traction Control
Key Facts:One owner
Never been smoked in
Never been in an accident
Majority of mileage on the highway
Range per tank of gas: 370 - 460 miles
Premium Unleaded Gas
Extras:Car Cover, Covercraft Custom for C70
Full repair information for life of car

This is a powerful, nimble car that is Volvo safe. It is heavier than your typical 2 door coupe and is thus safer. It is very steady in snow. I am selling it as we just had a second child and need a 4 door car for practical reasons (hard to load an infant into a coupe!). I just dropped the price to $11,200 as the front tires will probably need to be replaced soon.

The car has never been in an accident. There are minor blemishes on the bumpers and paint typical of a car this age. There is a cosmetic scrape on the front bumper that could be fixed (I nipped the corner of my garage), see the frontal view. The interior is in good shape, with typical wear on the driver's seat for a car this age. There is some separation of the stitching on the drivers seat as well, which could be repaired.

The car gets very good mileage for its weight and power- with an average of around 24-25 MPG when driven primarily on the freeway. It drops off quite a bit in the city - probably around 19 MPG when you are primarily in low gears.

The car's engine is great condition, I have not had any issues with it at all, other than a minor leak in one of the turbo lines that was caught by the dealership before I even noticed it. The engine still runs as tightly as the day I bought it. Please note- this is the high pressure turbo engine, not the low pressure turbo, which IMHO is underpowered.

The car has been carefully maintained at Volvo dealerships, with service done at Prestige Volvo (in North New Jersey), Stamford Volvo, and Englewood Volvo. It recently went through it's 90K service, which included replacing the fuel filter, spark plugs, various gaskets and filters, etc. I've also installed new front struts and caps (in November 05). I have all of the service records available for review.

As is typical of Volvos and other European cars in its class, this car requires some expenditure for maintenance and fixes. Plan to spend $1000-1500 per year.

The car has Michelin X-Radial LT all season tires, P225/70R16 101S, which are more sporty than the stock tires. The fronts need to be replaced very soon, the rears have some time left in them.

The majority of the miles came from when I had a 40 mile commute, of which 36 of the miles were on I-80 and I-95. It has been garage stored for nearly all of it's life, though I am including a Noah car cover I use when I've had to park outside.

This car's original MSRP was $42,575. It includes the following extra features above the standard package: full soft leather, heated front seats, SC-901 stereo system with 3 disk CD changer and Pro Logic Surround Sound, Stability and Traction control (very helpful in the snow). One note- this car is stable in snow (it doesn't slip and bounce around like RWD BMWs and other similar cars do), but the the tires I have on the car are NOT snow tires- they slip in heavy snow and ice as they are very wide. You may want to get snow tires for the winter months if you plan to do a lot of driving in very snowy or icy roads.

My favorite features: the engine, the cruise control (by far the best I've ever used), the stereo system (love the surround sound), and the front seats, which have wonderfully plush leather and a very nice heating system that really helps in cold Connecticut winters. Also this is a very sharp looking car, and you don't see a lot of them on the roads.

Please call or email w/ any questions.

A little bit of scuffing on the rims, nothing major.

Note the scrape on the front bumper's (on the left side in this view)

White marks are reflections only

There is a small dent on the right quarter panel from what appears to be a golf ball impact(?!). Minor. Not visible in this photo.

Some wear on driver's seat not visible. Some separation of stitching right underneath bottom of picture. Interior otherwise near perfect.

Photo of engine compartment.